Neon Wash

Those with super powers, referred to as Talents, have existed throughout history. Great leaders, fairy tales, myths and legends, most of them were Talents. With the advancement of technologies, Talents can be manufactured, and the introduction of alien genetics caused yet another boom. With this, regulations cracked down forcing most Talents to be government sponsored or live with their powers being illegal to use

Some decided to form a new state, where any Talent could use their powers without fear of litigation. This micronation was formed on the outer shell of the mother ship that was downed during an alien invasion in the 1960's. As the city was built upon a spaceship that once traveled the stars, it was named Astra.

Many come to Astra in search of greater freedom, others who wish to be allowed to experiment with and on Talents without litigation, and others come because Astra is their best chance to become a Talent. With such a short history and lax government oversight, Astra has boomed economically, but the means of reaching such wealth are often suspect. Companies may have a bad reputation, but if they're wealthy and can offer a well paying position, most people in Astra will look the other way. Outside analysis believe Astra is a pressure cooker, and when it bursts all the other nations of the world will be glad it's floating in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

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Christina Flores
Gale Flores


Neon Wash

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