Power Source


Power Sources


There are a lot of sources for Talents. They make up about 1 in every 1000 people in the world. However only 1 in 1000 of them have powers that could be described as "Miracles". This produces three classes in the human populace, Normal, Talent, and Wild Talent.

Normal (N): The mundane of the world. They have no powers or abilities that push the limits of what we expect humans to be capable of.

Hyper Normal (H): They have enhanced capabilities, stronger, smarter, faster, better in some way. They're more capable than the best trained human could be, they've got something a little extra.

Wild Talent (T): They have all the same capabilities as a Hyper, except they have access to powers that would best be described as miracles. They can control minds, summon minions, shoot lasers from their eyes, shape shift, mold or even create matter.

Where Powers come from

There are a number of sources for the power that Talents have. Humanity first experienced them after some of the great tragedies of history. As science tried to explain and capture those abilities, they became capable of creating some of them, the super soldier projects of World War 2 resulted in major breakthrough in talent creation. Alien genetics quickly became a major source of powers as well, other species simply had powers, and some combinations of species resulted in new powers and abilities.

Available Sources

Source: Construct: You're a machine, human or alien constructed.
Source: Cyborg: You're part biological, part mechanical.
Source: Driven: You trained until you became more than human.
Source: Extraterrestrial: You're an alien, these powers are native to your species.
Source: Genetic: You powers come from being genetically enhanced.
Source: Psi: Your powers come from the unlocked potential of your mind.
Source: Technological: Gadgets or alien technology make you super human.

Power Source

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