The City


The City of Astra, a city of lights. While the rest of the world restricts, registers, and litigates super powers to the point that Talents are barely able to hold onto their status as second class citizens. Astra embraces the weird and different, it's an island city build on the remains of a downed alien mother ship, that now acts as the city's bowels.

The city is home to humans first and foremost, but a large number of them are Human+ or Talents. There's a strong alien presence here as well, the alien mother ship that the city is built on never saw any combat. An EMP dropped the ship out of the air and disconnected all the 'enforcement devices' that kept the slave army inside subservient. A number of other aliens who survived the attempted invasion soon fled to Astra.

With the introduction of alien genetics, Genejackers soon had hybrid species and selective traits prepped for human and non-human consumption. The number of Genetically created Talents exploded.

The City

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