Descendant of a an extraterrestrial who became a mythological creature


-Unearthly beauty that can unnerve people
-Ability to control minds with her singing
-Strong charismatic and commanding presence
-Frail and weak physique

Physical Description:
-Lithe and willowy body with sculpted facial features
-Striking golden eyes
-Long wavy hair a shade of mossy green.

-Creature from German mythology
-Blackmore’s Night song “Loreley


Loreley had heard stories of the Loreley as a child but thought they were only fairy tales. However, that changed as she grew older. From a young age, she had always desired to be the center of attention. Her enchanting singing helped her to achieve this. As she grew her ability to captivate with song grew stronger and she became a small time local celebrity. Loreley came to love and desire the following she was gaining. Eventually, this all came crashing down for her. She became annoyed with an overly devoted fan and wrote a song about how he should jump off a bridge. During the concert where she first sang this song the man immediately left and jumped off a bridge. Nobody directly connected the death to her but there were whispers and rumors that she had controlled this man. That is when her family revealed that their bloodline traced back to the legendary Loreley. Loreley wouldn’t believe such a creature could exist if it wasn’t for the existence of extraterrestrials. Loreley then suspected she was a talent and decided to leave her home before people did start to blame her. Hoping to find a way to control her powers she set her sights on Astra City.


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